Miss Bossy Boots

Who’s the boss?

The driving force behind Miss Bossy Boots is owner Veronica Moore. A most hands-on boss, Veronica is kept busy organising the team of Miss Bossy Boots artists (photographers, stylists and hair & makeup artists) as well as her full time production and finance staff. With exceptional management skills and a flair for innovation, Veronica is an invaluable asset to any creative project.

Why we boss best

It’s in our Name: The key to Miss Bossy Boots success is in our name. While we are never ‘rude bossy’, we are always thorough. We dot every ‘i’ and we cross every ‘t’. In short, we are always ‘get the job done bossy’.

Budgets: Having worked across a broad range of client needs, we understand how to most effectively provide outstanding results at extremely competitive prices. We’ll also be real with you. We have oodles of experience dealing with the challenges that go hand in hand with the leaner financial approach and will provide the very best possible result with whatever budget is available.

Our system and consistency: We work to a system so Miss Bossy Boots deals with each project with the same degree of dedication to quality and detail whether we’re on a huge production or after a single shot.
We have industry connections that allow for creative approaches to casting, location sourcing, styling and wardrobe and much more. Our aim is always to produce the most creative, cutting edge, high end images possible and as such our track record is second to none.

How we boss

Photography: With a posse of wonderfully talented and experienced photographers on the books, there is no style or brief Miss Bossy Boots cannot take on: fashion, lifestyle, food, cars, you name it, Miss Bossy Boots can elevate your concept to new and inspiring heights.

Production: Whatever you can think of, we can make happen. In fact, we’ve probably done it before. We also facilitate location scouting and management, child photography permits (a requirement of the Department of Innovation – Child Employment), casting, procurement of model releases, budget management and all the other essential things that go on behind the scenes. With over ten years in the business of producing shoots, we are well experienced in providing for every type of shoot, and every eventuality.

Styling: Whatever your vision, our stylists can bring it into being; eg, a high end fashion shoot, a celebrity portrait, a room set, or a luscious food spread. With their eyes focussed on cutting edge trends the look our stylists create are guaranteed never to be tired or stereotypical. Heaven forbid!

Hair & Makeup: Miss Bossy Boots hair & makeup artists have more industry experience than you could poke a lipstick at. From high glamour to special effects make-up… From over the top bouffant hair to everyday natural hair styles… From children to grandparents… Miss Bossy Boots artists excel in every challenge thrown their way.

Who we boss

Working with the team at Miss Bossy Boots can be spooky. You come up with an idea and suddenly the Bossy Boots team are galvanized into action — not only responding to your idea but adding ideas and suggestions that make that initial idea, one hundred million times better, (actually the quantum is probably larger than that, but you get the picture). They are not merely good to work with, they are not merely great to work with — they are a joy to work with, and how often do we get to say that about professionals? Not as often as we should, and that leaves my last point; in every respect Veronica and the team are the exception — not the rule — they tick every box, even when they are thinking outside it!

Colin Batrouney
Director, Health Promotion, Policy and Communications
Victorian Aids Council

We refer to the team at Miss Bossy Boots as our agency photography studio. We use Veronica, Garry and the team for a myriad of projects and we are never let down. From venue sourcing, talent scouting, prop sourcing, hair & make-up, urgent permit sourcing and even photography; these guys do the lot with a smile and laugh on the way. Their ‘can do attitude’ is a pleasure to deal with and in this day and age, it is a rare commodity. As a general rule the team at miss bossy boots go out of their way to ensure the end result is of a high quality in every facet of the process. I love dealing with these guys.

David Findlay
Production Manager